Modern style apartment in Toronto Downtown Design and Rendering

This apartment building centrally located in downtown Toronto in a beautiful area.interior design visualization

Young family bought two bedrooms duplex apartment with city views and balcony. This apartment’s design offers second-level bedrooms open to main floor living. This is inconvenient because the bedrooms don’t isolated each other and living room. The owner wants to put windows all bedrooms.interior design visualization

He wants to have four zones to their living area: the kitchen, dining room, office and living. We create Kitchen Island which continued in the bar. interior design visualization

This is convenient for breakfast or a wine party with friends in the evening time. Dining table and chairs we placed in a niche of open space by the window.interior design visualization open concept area

High wall with two floors was decided to decorate Wall Stone panels awesome detail architecture in this apartment the opposite wall was framed a mirror interior design visualization

Thereby increasing room height and breadth. We placed a small office in the closet. The wall was removed and put French doors with frosted glass If necessary, you can close the door and nothing will interfere to work. On the central wall placed open and closed shelves with a niche for the TV. Living area separates the kitchen from the large corner sofa. Stretch ceilings bright visually uplifting room.stair visualization

Light box was put in the corner niche on the stairs. The Light box gives additional lighting. Bedroom visualization

Two large windows get daytime lighting in the bedrooms.

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