3D Presentations

Selling has always been not an easy job but in this economy it is just hard. Animation offers a high impact, visual hook that explains your product, shows it in motion. Artsign Inc. can create a 3D presentation that conveys information more clearly and efficiently which can help you to reach the goal of your presentation.

3D Virtual Presentations can be of many different forms:

  • Simple PowerPoint slideshow with images and description of your project
  • Flash movie or regular video presentation that includes both still images and animated scenes
  • Interactive flash presentation
  • Website dedicated to your project

We can also add a 3D object to your PowerPoint presentation or an interactive 3D flash presentation, which allow the user independently perform an action with a click of the mouse. 3D presentation is not just a video clip! For example, in a 3D interactive presentation of real estate, the visitor himself can choose where to “walk” or where to “stand” to take a 3D panoramic look.

In 3D interior design presentation your clients can choose the colour and “paint” the walls, “change” the window coverings, “place” or “move” the furniture or “play” with the decorative elements.

In a 3D presentation of a car, for instance, the users can have a look at it from different angles – 3D spherical panorama or 360º panorama,change its colors and even change its parts.In practice, the 3D presentation is a combination between 3D visualization and flash presentation.

By a 3D presentation your customers can examine the product or the other object that they are interested in, in a much more flexible and detailed way. This option works particularly well for the websites in which the users can navigate them through the mouse.

If you want to make money, your product presentation needs professional treatment. Still images sliding across the page will not attract attention of your prospects. A presentation must impress and, at the same time, clearly explain your message.

Artsign Inc. will help you to catch the eye, explain details, and communicate your ideas to your existing or potential customers by creating 3D animation in a 3D Presentation with a professional touch of creativity.